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​SpiderB, a child of the night.


Dj SpiderB was always fascinated by dark and unconventional music. He soon moved into the dark scene, which was then in his mid-80s still deep underground.

In 1989 SpiderB organized his first Gothic Party in Romandie (CH). During this period he also made his first attempts DJ under the name of DJ SpiderB 

As co-organizer of the party and concert organization "The Sanctuary" Boris was soon one of the most booked DJ in the Swiss dark scene. 

For each party there was something in Dj SpiderB crate: Hellectro gloomy, proud EBM, Electro Minimal bone dry, old school gothic rock, screaming Batcave, melancholy new wave and much more.

So as Dj SpiderB has also been Djing on numerous occasions abroad like in Greece, Italy, France, Germany (twice at WGT with a Sanctuary party), Austria, Ireland and so on.


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